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Supercharge Your R&D Productivity

Connect your scientific memory to the world’s scientific memory

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Retrieve Insights In Seconds 

Synthesize research across internal and external data sources.

Our AI platform let’s you explore, interact and work with your own scientific data vis-a-vis +200 mio research publications, PubMed, PubChem, databases like Uniprot and much more. You’re in control.

Research Synthesis, Supercharged

Automate the grind of literature and database searches, readings and writings with your own AI Assistant, who synthesizes research for you. Our platform simplifies complex research topics and data by doing your ground work, so you can focus on innovation instead

  • Turn hours of data and literature review into seconds and minutes

  • Easily digest research findings for actionable insights

  • Free up time for data analysis and experimentation

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Define Your Own Scientific Data Playing Field

Want to talk to PubMed? PubChem? Not a problem. Want to access Life Science Patents as well? Just add them. Use UniProt in your work too? Simply. Just. Add.

  • Customize your own data context

  • Integrate own data for maximum effect as well, e.g. Zotero, Articles, Presentations, Contracts even, Excel, Sharepoints. Whatever you have, we will work to integrate.

Add Data. Unleash Use Cases

The more data and context you add, the more use cases you unlock and the more time you save to innovate. Let your AI research assistant do the ground work.

  • Write SOPs / Assays with GEMA

  • Summarize results from experiments

  • Do initial Freedom Operate Analyses


An Assistant That Never Sleeps

Navigate a universe of scientific data and research to find exactly what’s relevant to you or learn new connectoins. Our AI assistant scans through millions of research data points to enable you.

  • Discover unknown unknowns

  • Efficiently discover gaps in existing research

  • Find meaning across domains

Increase Data Literacy

Improved literacy for researchers and employees increases your organization’s opportunities to work with data at scale. Enabling shared perspectives and up-skilling of employees.

  • Data is accessible and understandable

  • Data is digestable and contextual

  • Transparent sourcing and data relations

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What Other Researchers Say

“It really feels like talking to PubMed”

Clarisse Chiche-lapierre, CEO, Idun Biologics

Frequently asked questions

How Do I Integrate Our Own Data?

Just let us know, where and what. We integrate with ELNs, LIMS, LabOps, Protocols, Data Aggregators and more already. If we do not have yours, we will set up a bespoke process for you.

What About Pricing?

Pricing depends on the data playing field you want, the level of data integration you need, the number of seats you want and how much you use it. Again, you are in control and can determine the price.. Reach out to hear how much and when.

Is My Data Safe?

Yes. We host everything in separate instances and keep your data encrypted, with Chinese walls between your instance and others. Nothing is shared with anyone, but you. You are in control of your own data, internally as well as externally.

How Accurate Is GEMA?

We care about science, so precision is at the core of we do. GEMA’s algorithms are fine-tuned for accuracy and we employ multiple validation layers to catch outliers. It will fail once in while, but it will fail in full transparency.

How Many Scientists Can We Add?

As many as you want. We even integrate with MS Teams, Slack and Discord, so you don’t have to “move” workspaces, and can onboard team members easily.

Can I Just Interact With My Own Data?

Of course, we understand that sometimes you need specifics, so we’ve made it easy for you. Simply add # in front of the data source you know you need, and that will keep things separate. We are flexible, so you remain in control.

Can I Try Your Platform?

Sure thing. Reach out and let us know, how and when. We’re constantly building and adding data pipelines, so we most likely have something you will find relevant.

Do You Train and Share with Others?

No. Everything stays with you in your own instance. Nothing is picked up and shared outside of your context and with anyone but you, and us.

Do You Have An On-Prem Solution?

Not yet. We do understand that parts of your data is so sensible that an on-prem solution is necessary, but we offer a metadata indexed work-around that will enable you to host in the cloud and for integration. Probably much the same way you already handle parts of your data.

Do You Support The Entire Research Process?

Yes, but we’re not a workflow solution per se. More so a tool that streamlines insights across data sources, tools and data pools, to enable your own workflows.

Proprietary Data Assets, What Is That?

Data assets that other’ organizations have made accessible for you. It could be an ontology for aroma molecules from a university, it could be a dataset on mushroom spores from a side stream at a biotech, it could be readouts from a machine that you can integrate. Essentially data that incumbents may deem relevant for the ecosystem - either in full or parts of it, so you can reach our to collaborate.

How Effective Is GEMA?

GEMA is fast. But her effectiveness is measued in time saved on your end. That means up to 2-3 weeks per assay written. Months of patent research and read throughs. Weeks of literate exploration. Per Scientist. Examples taken from our pilots.

The Minds Behind

Alexander Junge

Co-founder, CTO

Data & AI & Scientific Application

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Niels Andersen

Product and Research Experience

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Henrik Jensen

Co-founder, CEO
Commercial and Organisation

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Want to try?

We will be in touch!

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